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Regional development

In this project, we aimed to explain how the access to national and international markets affected regional performances in pre-industrial and industrial Sweden. Aim According to the Swedish


The project analyses institutional change in natural resource governance in early modern (1550-1780) Sami communities, mainly in Lule Lappmark, Sweden. The project analyzes institutional change in


The project aims to develop an integrated vision for transition governance that is more likely to be socially accepted and effective. In Sweden as well as globally, societal action to curb climate

Balancing act

This research project develops both theoretically oriented and practically applicable knowledge about innovative deliberative planning processes for addressing urgent sustainability challenges. The


The project investigates the implementation of hybrid global governance in the Thai seafood supply chain focusing on labour standards. Background The Thai seafood supply chain has been significantly


ReaD-FIRE departs in recent experiences of wildfires in boreal Sweden. Fire causes dramatic and abrupt change reaching far beyond what is visible in the physical and temporal location of the fire

Jacob Strandell

Jacob Strandell

Office: C425 2020 Sep – present Postdoctoral researcher – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) 2018 Feb – 2020 Aug Assistant Professor – Uppsala University 2017 Oct – 2018 Jan Senior

Izabel Nordlund

Izabel Nordlund

Research Assistant at the Department of Urban and Rural Development; The Division of Rural Development I am a research assistant at the Division of Rural Development. My work tasks vary, and

Kristofer Jupiter diss

Kristofer Jupiter diss

The function of open fields - Agriculture in early modern Sweden Kristofer Jupiter defends his thesis "The function of open fields - Agriculture in early modern Sweden

The registration for SLU Landscape Day is now open!

The registration for SLU Landscape Day September 16 (online event) is now open. As keynote speaker of the autumn we are happy to welcome Landscape Architect Emily Wade Last day to sign up is on

SLU Landscape day 2020

SLU Landscape day 2020 The registration for SLU Landscape Days [online event] is now open! Emily Wade We are happy to welcome keynote speaker: Landscape Architect Emily Wade* Last day to sign

Helena Eriksson

Helena Eriksson

I work as an environmental advisor at Sida's Helpdesk for Environment and Climate Change. The Helpdesk aims to contribute to increased integration of environmental and climate perspectives in all