25 May

Uppsala & Umeå

Reindeer husbandry and forestry: Challenges and opportunities for shared land use

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Two reindeer walking in a forest landscape with snow. Foto.

STUDENT SEMINAR. There is an alarming reduction in winter pastures and in the amount of lichens in the reindeer herding area of Northern Fennoscandia. Forestry is one of the contributing factors to shrinking pastures.

A recent report from Future Forests therefore investigated how reindeer husbandry and forestry affect each other. The authors Tim Horstkotte and Line Djupström will present and discuss the results in this student seminar at both Umeå Campus and Uppsala Campus, providing an opportunity for researchers and students to interact across Campuses.


  • To spread knowledge about reindeer husbandry and forestry, including challenges and opportunities for their respective land use
  • To provide examples of practices and reforms needed for shared land use
  • To strengthen the network and connections between SLU researchers and students at Umeå and Uppsala Campuses


Time: 2022-05-25 13:00 - 14:30
City: Uppsala & Umeå
Organiser: SLU Future Forests
Last signup date: 23 May 2022
Additional info:

Target group: SLU and Umeå University students
Location Umeå: Rönnen, Skogis
Location Uppsala: Framtiden, MVM
Registration: Please, register interest with Mari Jönsson, mari.jonsson@slu.se by the 23 May.
Note: This event takes place at two Campuses. If you have any questions about the event do not hesitate to contact Mari Jönsson, who will be coordinating the event from Uppsala Campus, or Eliza Maher Hasselquist in Umeå (eliza.hasselquist@slu.se).


13.00-13.45 How do husbandry and forestry affect each other? Presentation by Tim Horstkotte and Line Djupström

13.45-14.15 Discussions of challenges and opportunities for sharing land use

14.15-14.30 Coffee and cake outside the respective seminar room and continued discussion.

Tim Horstkotte, senior research engineer at the Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences at Umeå University. Tim will be present in Umeå.

Line Djupström is a senior researcher at Skogforsk. Line will be present in Uppsala.