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Department of Animal Nutrition and Management

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Pekka Huhtanen retirement seminar

Pekka Huhtanen retirement seminar johanna.wallsten@slu.se Welcome to a day where we look back on Pekka Huhtanen's career as a scientist. Pekka Huhtanen has had a long academic career within the

Inauguration of the new milk vending machine

Milk for sale! Vice-chancellor Maria Wedel has inaugurated the new milk vending machine on SLU's campus in Ultuna. Formas, Beijerstiftelsen and Stiftelsen Seydlitz MP bolagen support an ongoing

Reindeer husbandry and forestry

Reindeer husbandry and forestry: Challenges and opportunities for shared land use teresia.borgman@slu.se STUDENT SEMINAR. There is an alarming reduction in winter pastures and in the amount of

Future Forests Excursion

Excursion with Future Forests teresia.borgman@slu.se The Future Forests platform invites you to a forest excursion to facilitate dialogue and exchange knowledge. We will highlight some of the

Open trial lecture for the position as professor in ruminant nutrition

The Department of Animal Nutrition and Management is in the process of recruiting a professor in ruminant nutrition and invites one candidate for trial lecture. The theme of the lectures is "

Site selection DT

Transformation towards the sustainable development goals in dry rangelands requires strong engagement with local stakeholders in transdisciplinary research. Here you can follow the team from one

Drylands Transform looks for Postdoc

Drylands Transform is a project where the links between land health, livestock-based livelihoods, human well-being, and land management and governance will be investigated. The School of Global

Insect feed to fish – findings and future perspectives

Lunch seminar: Insects as feed for fish – findings and future perspectives aquaculture@slu.se Use of insects in fish feed has been approved by EU since a few years. At SLU’s Department for Animal

SLU is part of the food initiative Blue Food

A few weeks ago, Formas announced that one of the new food centers they will invest in have focus on seafood. Blue Food - Centre for the seafood of the future is the name of this initiative. The work

48 MSEK to SLU for research on animals role in future food production

SLU has received MSEK 48 for a new collaborative centre that will strengthen Sweden's future food system. The centre will identify and develop the role of animals for increased food production,

Welcome to the associate professor lectures at the VH Faculty 2020

Welcome to the Autumn Docent Lectures at the VH-faculty, November 18, 2020 via Zoom 9.00 Pia Gustås in the subject Veterinary Science. The lecture is canceled due to illness. ”Veterinärmedicinsk