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Here is a list of web pages, including news and events, that are related to research at SLU.

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Collaboration - important for SLU's Forest Damage Centre, forestry sector and authorities

On January 18th and 19th the SLU Forest Damage Centre organised its annual meeting in Eskilstuna inviting scientist, representatives from forestry sector and authorities. Throughout the conference

Managing urban green

Managing urban green - for human health and biodiversity anni.hoffren@slu.se The Division of Landscape Architecture invites you to a higher seminar with Professor Marcus Hedblom. Professor Marcus

Tree selection for a sustainable urban forest in future climates

Tree selection for a sustainable urban forest in future climates urbanfutures@slu.se Our changing climate has put a new spotlight on the importance of trees and, as more people want to be part of

Final seminar about multidamaged forest - a collaborative projekt

Final seminar about a collaborative project on multidamaged forest theres.svensson@slu.se Welcome to the final seminar for the collaboration project multi-damaged young forest in northern Sweden.

EFFoST advances production of sustainable healthy food

The European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST) continuously creates opportunities for food scientists, technologists and other relevant stakeholders in the food and food-related

Urban Forests webinar with Åsa Ode Sang

Urban Forests: Co-producing knowledge on Nature-Based Solutions with municipalities – challenges and opportunities hanna.weiber.post@slu.se Welcome to the next webinar in the Urban Forest series,

The Human-land podcast

Human Land is now launching three episodes of Series 2, where we aim to explore how environmental psychology could support us in a system change towards healthy societies, with a socio-ecological


Three new articles are now published by our great researchers! Read about algae as food, production of hydrogen and the possibilities of Camelina oil for biodiesel production. Three articles about

Launching: the film about Campus Alnarp

In the new film, you meet some of all the creative people at SLU Campus Alnarp working to solve vital questions. Hear them tell about the significance of the research environments and the place where

Urban Forests - Green & Blue Infrastructure for Urban Health and Well-Being

Green & Blue Infrastructure for Urban Health and Well-Being hanna.weiber.post@slu.se The spring semester's third and last webinar in the series on urban forests, arranged by SLU Urban Futures and

Upplev regnskogens återkomst med SLU

In north-eastern Borneo, one of the world's largest rainforest replanting projects is underway with the aim of restoring the entire ecosystem. Researchers from SLU are working there to create the

Agrarian history seminar

Tar and timber: Governing forest commons in 17th century Northern Finland anni.hoffren@slu.se Division of Agrarian History invites you to a seminar with Jakob Starlander, doctoral student in