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Here is a list of web pages, including news and events, that are related to research at SLU.

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Disputation-Karolina Brunius Enlund

Disputation-Karolina Brunius Enlund

Dissertation: Dental care in dogs - A survey of Swedish dog owners, veterinarians and veterinary nurses Karolina Brunius Enlund defends her thesis "Dental care in dogs - A survey of


SLU together with Örebro University/Grythyttan, is now developing methodology to better understand how to improve farming of fish, not only for more environmentally friendly production with high

Diss Prithvi Simha

Diss Prithvi Simha

Alkaline Urine Dehydration - How to dry urine and recover nutrients? Prithvi Simha defends his thesis "Alkaline Urine Dehydration - How to dry urine and recover nutrients?

Servicing decision-making – CO2-budget, forest plan & online forest 2.0

Servicing decision-making – CO2-budget, forest plan & online forest 2.0

Webinar: Servicing decision-making – CO2-budget, forest plan & online forest 2.0 The increased heterogeneity of forest owners opens up for new perspectives and needs with

Proposal Development - Large Collaborative Grants

Large project grants require collaboration with several partners, often internationally, cross-discipline, and involving organisations within and outside of academia. Several funders offer these

Proposal Development – Large Individual Grants

Several national and international funders offer special grants that support career development, allowing individual researchers to advance their academic career and position as research leaders.

Training and capacity development

At the Grants Office, we have a mission to build the capacity of SLU staff to write more competitive and successful funding proposals, prepare application budgets, and deliver project reporting. We

Project implementation and reporting

When a proposal is successful, there is usually a lot of work connected to starting up and implementing the project, whether SLU is the coordinator or a partner. In particular, being involved as a

Proactive work

At the Grants Office, we continuously monitor future funding opportunities suitable for SLU researchers, with a focus on SLU’s major external funders, particularly the European Framework Programme.

Seed Money

If you are coordinating a large, collaborative proposal or project, the Grants Office can support you with seed money. We have three different funds available - a coordinator’s premium, proposal


External funding makes up a large portion of the total funding at SLU, and therefore there are many staff here who work with it to some extent - researchers, department administrators and financial


Most funders require you to submit a project budget as part of your proposal. However, the budget is often left until late in the process, or not given enough attention. It is essential to put