Forest and Landscape

Published: 15 April 2024

This webpage is for students on the programme Forest and Landscape

Here you will find information about the programme, welcome letter with roll call information, your course schedule, contact information, and the documents that regulate the education. Navigate by clicking on the headings below.

Welcome letter

Congratulations on your place at SLU and on the Forest and Landscape Bachelor’s programme! We look forward to meeting you here in Alnarp this autumn.

The autumn semester 2024 begins with roll call and study information.

Date: Monday September 2

Time and place: On the pages for new students, you will find information about the study start and when the roll call for your programme begins.

On these pages, you will also find all the information you need as a new student at SLU, including information about the orientation days. The orientation days are not mandatory but we recommend that you attend them. They take place at the end of August, before the semester starts, and provide essential and useful information about your stay in Sweden and your studies at SLU.

Your first course will be Trees, structure and function. On the course page, you will find a timetable for your classes and other course-related information. Timetables and reading lists will be published at least four weeks before the course starts.

Please make sure you also read the programme-specific information for new students:

Forest and Landscape

We are excited to meeting you and explore the forested landscape together these coming years! By merging forestry science and landscape architecture, you will get an unique competence and be able to deal with questions related to the forest and its impact on our society from many different perspectives.

Once again, welcome to SLU!

Karin Hjelm and Helena Mellqvist

Programme Director of Studies

Important dates

Important dates for the next academic year are now published on the page for semester times, where you will also find important dates for the current academic year.

Study with disabilities

You can receive support if you have a long term disability such as dyslexia, Asperger’s syndrome or impaired vision. The purpose with the support is that you should be able to study on equal terms. On this webpage you can learn more about the Targeted Study Support.


The scholarships are available for application every year for those of you who are studying or have studied in one of the Faculty of Forestry's bachelor's and master's programs.

Here you can find more information and apply

Course subject area and level

Course syllabuses provide information about a course’s subject area(s) and its level and specialisation. The syllabus is available from the course’s webpage which you can search for here. If you are studying on a programme, you can in most cases click the course heading on the programme’s course schedule to go to the course page.


  • G1N: First-cycle level, only upper secondary entry requirements
  • G1F: First-cycle level, fewer than 60 credits from first-cycle courses as entry requirement
  • G2F: First-cycle level, a minimum of 60 credits at first-cycle level as entry requirement
  • G2E: First-cycle level, a minimum of 60 credits at first-cycle level as entry requirement, contains a degree project for the Degree of Bachelor
  • A1N: Second-cycle level, only first-cycle course(s) as entry requirement – at SLU, a minimum of 120 credits at first-cycle level is required
  • A1F: Second-cycle level, contains degree project for
    Master’s degree (60 credits)
  • GXX: First-cycle level, course specialisation cannot be classified
  • AXX: Second-cycle level, course specialisation cannot be classified

Course schedule academic year 23/24

Overview picture Course Schedule academic year 23/24 

Year 1

Year 2

Vegetation design

2023-08-28 - 2023-09-27
7.5 hp
Beskrivning av grafiken nedan

Year 3

Course schedule academic year 24/25

Year 1

Year 2

Vegetation design

2024-09-02 - 2024-10-01
7.5 hp
Beskrivning av grafiken nedan

Year 3

Tool for study planning

There is a tool in Excel to download to make it easier for you as a student at Forest & Landscape to get an overwiew of your studies and be able to plan your way to graduation. The purpose is to make it easier for those of you who aims to take a master's degree, and maybe also a Jägmästarexamen, to understand what is required. Whith the help of the tool, you can simulate different choices of courses and quickley see how the outcome of different choices can be. 

We work continuousley with quality assurance and development of the tool, therefore you must pay attention so that you always use the latest version available on this page.

Tool for study planning (swedish version) 

Tool for study planning (english version)

Landscape Architecture - Master's Programme

With a bachelor degree in landscape architecture you can apply for the Landscape Architecture - Master’s programme at SLU Alnarp. Entry Requirements are a bachelor degree, 180 credits with 90 credits landscape architecture.  

For entry to the different courses included within the programme, the specific entry requirements prescribed for each individual course apply.

Admission to some of the courses in the programme requires an approved portfolio according to instructions decided by the Programme board for educations within landscape and horticulture.

It is further recommended that the applicant has knowledge and skills corresponding to at least 15 credits from studio/project courses in landscape architecture. One example of course on bachelor level is “LK0400 Urban Landscape Design”.

Continued studies - apply to a Master's programme

Continued studies – apply to a Master’s programme

Are you interested in continuing your studies and apply to a Master’s programme? Great! Here you will find information on how to proceed.

Plan your studies

Find out what you need to meet the entry requirements and plan your studies so that you are able to complete the courses and get the Bachelor’s degree in time. This is especially important if you want to continue directly to a Master’s programme. Here the tool for study planning available under its own section on the programme page may be of some help on the way. Please note that you need to apply for your degree and that the processing time may vary.

Entry requirements

In order to be admitted you must fulfil the entry requirements, language requirements included.

To meet the general entry requirements for a Master’s programme, you must have been awarded a Bachelor's degree (equivalent to a Swedish kandidatexamen) from an internationally recognised university. The specific entry requirements may vary between different programmes.

The majority of the Master’s programmes at SLU are conducted in English and require the equivalent of the Swedish upper secondary course English 6. As a student in the Forest and Landscape programme you have already shown that you meet the English requirements.

Conditional entry requirements

You can be admitted conditionally or placed on a waiting list conditionally to a programme if you at the time of application do not fulfil the entry requirements, but will be in a position to fulfil the requirements by the time the programme starts. The conditions must be fulfilled no later than two weeks after the programme starts and you must contact the Admissions Office at SLU yourself to demonstrate that you fulfil the conditions.

Application for students who require a residence permit and have to pay fees

Non-EU/EEA students who have to pay application and tuitionfees and require a residence permit need to apply to the first round at with application deadline January 15.

Please note that if you have a residence permit and will continue studying after your permit expires, you must apply to extend it before your current permit expires: Extend residence permit for higher education - Migrationsverket

Application for students who do not require a residence permit

EU/EEA citizens can apply to the first round but are welcome to apply to the second round. The second round for Master’s programmes at SLU are only offered in the second admissions round for students living in Sweden (“the national round”) at with application deadline April 15. If you do not understand Swedish you are welcome to contact the Admissions Office at SLU for help with the application.

Questions and concerns

Here you will find pages about the different student support available at SLU: Support for students | Studentwebben (

For questions regarding your programme you can contact your programme director of studies. Contact information is found at the bottom of the programme page.

For course specific questions, questions about retake sessions/renewed exam, project plan for the independent project (degree project) etc you can contact the course leader/supervisor for the current course. Contact information is found on the course page for each course.

Information about courses and programs for the autumn semester 2024

If you would like to apply for this programme
This page is for students currently studying on the programme. If you are not currently a student but would like to apply, you can read more about the programme’s content and the application process here.


This programme is taught in English. The name of the programme in Swedish is Kandidatprogrammet Skog och landskap.

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Programme director of studies:

Karin Hjelm, Senior Lecturer
Southern Swedish Forest Research Center,  Phone: +46 40 41 53 30

Deputy programme director of studies:

Helena Mellqvist, Lecturer
Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management Telefon + 46 40 41 54 69


Gunnel Eriksson, Education officer
Faculty of Forest Sciences, SLU, Phone: +46 90-786 82 46