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Getting our cities right: From critical urbanities to sustainable foodscapes

Published: 04 May 2022

Our ever-growing urban areas are both responsible for the sustainability problems we face as a global community, as well as powerhouses for change. It is therefore crucial that we get urban areas on board in order to meet our global sustainability ambitions. This will be the focus during a conference in June, arranged by the future platform SLU Urban Futures at Ultuna Campus.

“The future of our planet depends on getting our cities right”

Maimunah Mohd Sharif, Executive Director, UN-Habitat

SLU Urban Futures devises two conferences in 2022, one at Ultuna Campus in June and one at Alnarp Campus in October, that take the ‘urban’ goal, SDG 11, as a portal to understanding the interconnected social, economic and environmental challenges we face at an international, regional and local level; and a docking station for connecting to the other SDG areas to envision how we facilitate transformative change.

The conference in Ultuna will hear from international speakers from a variety of disciplines, reflecting on the ideals, practices, policies, and processes that shape urban formation and transformation, from critical urbanities to sustainable foodscapes. The day will begin with the launch of SLU Urban Futures’ collection of ‘urban voices’ reflecting on the recent pandemic, published as a dossier entitled ’ Urban Disturbance: From times of upheaval to spaces for change’ and published in ‘scape’ the international magazine of landscape architecture and urbanism #18. This publication sets the scene for our international keynotes who will follow the authors of the dossier and explore themes of public space and socio-spatial change in the Global South and North, urban planning and design, urban food planning, food security and urban communities. The afternoon will use food as a lens to view the city, exploring how food shapes the urban and how the city is a site of change-making for creating sustainable foodscapes.

Date of the first conference: Tuesday 14th June 2022
Time: 8:30 – 15:30 + site visit
Place: Campus Ultuna

See the full programme here: Getting our cities right - programme.docx.pdf


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