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News for SLU students

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fraudulent emails

Several fraudulent emails are being sent from accounts posing as SLU employees. Attackers are using email addresses from external providers and manipulating the sender’s name so it is the same as an

open science talks podcast

Are you curious about what open science means for you as a researcher, teacher or student at SLU? In the SLU University Library’s new podcast ”Open Science talks”, you will learn more about how open

Energy saving

Each month, the amount of electricity purchased must be reported to the Swedish Energy Agency until the end of March 2023. Measures being taken to reduce electricity use must be reported continually.


The Department of Energy and Technology runs an Linneaus-Palme exchange program together with Addis Ababa University and Ambo University since several years. This year 8 students can have the

Limited IT and AV Support

The personnel of the Division of IT will be attending a conference on the 14th-15th of September. We will have limited staffing during this time. For major problems that cannot wait, call 018-67(6600

Student health-service drop-in on Ultuna campus

Starting on Wednesday 7 September, staff from the Student Health Service will be offering a drop-in advice/appointment booking service every other week in the reception room at Ulls hus Service

Students are finally back on campus

On Monday, we welcomed both new and existing students to our campuses around Sweden. Many were both nervous and excited. We met with five of them who shared their thoughts and expectations about


In collaboration with Ultuna Art Club, the SLU University Library invites SLU staff and students to exhibit their art in the library in Ultuna during autumn 2022. Hand in one or two of your artworks

SLU and Stockholm+50

SLU contributes to the UN high-level meeting Stockholm + 50 in several ways. The university management has participated in preparatory leadership dialogues, and representatives of SLU will

Nätverk IT

Now IT continues with the next step and today, Monday 23/5, starting at 17.00, they will begin the next network relocation which further aims to improve SLU's network capacity. Disruptions in our


SLU's network is being updated to increase security and capacity. Disturbances can occur during the afternoon and evening of 18 May. At the moment, there are capacity problems in SLU infrastructure.

Getting our cities right: From critical urbanities to sustainable foodscapes

Our ever-growing urban areas are both responsible for the sustainability problems we face as a global community, as well as powerhouses for change. It is therefore crucial that we get urban areas on