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Chat with our master's students

Published: 04 September 2020
Collage with students

On 31 August, SLU launched a new platform where prospective students can chat with international student ambassadors about their studies and life as a student in Sweden.

SLU has initiated a collaboration with the platform Unibuddy, which is used by a number of universities and colleges around the world and at several universities in Sweden.

Unibuddy is a concept that links student ambassadors with future students via target group-adapted technology. Here, interested students are able to find student ambassadors with similar interests as themselves and chat directly via an app. The idea is that students will answer questions about their education, life as a student at SLU and about living in Sweden from a personal perspective.

- We hope that with this we will get one more component in the recruitment work where prospective students get the opportunity for personal contact with our students. On Unibuddy, they can ask many of the questions they have been wondering about - but which they may not want to ask to us who work at the university, says Elin Helgsten, Marketing Officer with a focus on international student recruitment at SLU.

To be able to contact the student ambassadors, you will need to download an app, create an account and log in. The student ambassadors also post blogs on Unibuddy and these blogs are open for everyone to read.

- The goal is for more students to get answers to their questions and thus feel secure in their choice of studies. We believe that this can lead to more international students moving on from application to actually starting their studies, says Elin Helgsten.