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Table - a new international collaboration on food systems

Published: 02 July 2020
Food plate. Photo.

SLU has started the international discussion forum Table with a focus on global food systems together with the University of Oxford and Wageningen University & Research. The collaboration will support SLU's development in the research and policy area and make the university's competence visible both nationally and internationally. SLU Future Food is SLU's contact node.

SLU, via SLU Future Food, has started a collaboration with Oxford University and Wageningen University & Research to create an international network called Table. The network will bring together researchers and stakeholders from the surrounding community and drive discussions about the global food systems forward. The goal is to create cross-disciplinary engagements, to raise and highlight complex challenges, explore goal conflicts and identify areas where consensus exist or more research is needed.

SLU's specific objectives for participating in the network are to build and develop competence in dialogue with external actors with a focus on the global food systems, to contribute to SLU's competence in the food area becoming more visible nationally and internationally, and to produce syntheses and knowledge compilations. An intermediate goal is to increase students' insight into the complex challenges that exist on the way to creating sustainable food systems, and to attract more national and international students to SLU.

Three major themes in the food area are prioritized in the start-up phase: proteins, metrics and power under the general theme Global - Local. Many of the resources that previously existed within the University of Oxford's project Food Climate Research Network (FCRN) and Foodsource will be transferred to the new collaboration Table.


Table - Exploring evidence and values ​​in global food system debates

A website for the collaboration is under development.

SLU Future Food is SLU's contact node and everyone who is interested in getting involved in the collaboration is warmly welcome to contact SLU Future Foods' program manager Annsofie Wahlström.