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Urban futures, spurred by Covid-19

Published: 14 May 2020

How is mobility (re)shaped by social distancing? What impact does social distancing have on activism and political protests? How is urban density affected by the pandemic? What effect does it have on mental health and urban planning? And what unpredicted consequences of Covid-19 can we see when the pandemic brings underlying, often failing, structures to the fore? These are some of the themes that will be discussed in Urban Readings.

Urban Readings connects a small team of chroniclers across the hemisphere with the mission to highlight relevant discussions within chosen topics connected to the urban realm. The first topic is, hardly surprising, sustainable urban development in the light of Covid-19. How is urban development affected by the pandemic, how do we think it will be affected in the future, and what discussions are taking place in other parts of the world?

Urban Readings is an initiative by SLU Urban Futures and will be tried out during the month of May. The chronicles will be available on the SLU web. During a time where most planned activities and events have been cancelled, we hope to collect interesting and thought-provoking texts and suggestions for further reading which can hopefully inspire students, teachers and researchers at SLU who have an interest in urban and transdisciplinary issues.

Read the reflections from Daniel Rotsztain on mobility shaped by social distancing and Antonia Besas on what impact social distancing have on activism.

COVID-19 and the Need for Equitable Urban Advocacy by Daniel Rotsztain

Social movements in times of isolation by Antonia Besa

Next week there will be more urban readings on