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Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science (LTV)

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International symposium at Alnarp about managing public spaces

June 3–5, the subject group Landscape governance and management at SLU organizes an international symposium on management of the public spaces, which is aimed at researchers as well as practitioners.

Getting Our Cities Right #4

Getting Our Cities Right #4 – shaping our future urbanscapes urbanfutures@slu.se Our future depends on ‘Getting Our Cities Right!’ On 18th-19th November 2024, SLU Urban Futures invites you to

Urban forests: Governance & Management of Urban Forests

Governance & Management of Urban Forests - introducing Nature-based Thinking urbanfutures@slu.se The concept of Nature-based Thinking embodies the perspective of nature with people, rather than

Agroecology day

internkommunikation@slu.se Agroecology Day is an annual day of learning, inspiration, connection and food, brought to life by the students of the agroecology master’s program at SLU, campus Alnarp.

New forms of collaboration and learning are being tested in Malmö

At the Botildenborg site, situated on the outskirts of Rosengård in Malmö, the Botildenborg Foundation operates a farm and meeting place. Here, urban farming converges with a spectrum of social

Vernissage and exhibitions by students in Alnarp

catherine.kihlstrom@slu.se Students within Theoretical and Applied Aesthetics and Design are showing their projects in Alnarpsgården. From “Design Project - Site, Concept and Theory” (Photo:

Orolig värld

It is with sadness that we take note of a worsening conflict situation in both Ukraine and the Middle East. War is devastating, and our thoughts go out to those affected. SLU as a university adheres

Bridging disciplines through Urban Healthscapes

Urban Healthscapes is a useful concept to facilitate interdisciplinary research on health issues in urban settings. This was one of the key messages from a recent webinar arranged in collaboration

Student design competition in Umeå - opening March 2024

SLU Urban Futures, in co-operation with Umeå municipality, will launch a student design competition in March 2024. Students in the field of Landscape Architecture and sustainable urban development

Larkdagen 2024

catherine.kihlstrom@slu.se Larkdagen is an industry day with the aim of strengthening cooperation between students, professionals and companies within the field of landscape architecture. Read more

SLU Urban Futures joins the Sea Forum of BoSS Malmö

The Bauhaus of the Seas Sails (BoSS) is a project funded under the call for the development of the New European Bauhaus (NEB) by the European Union. The project aims to promote renewed ethical and

SLU and Botildenborg strengthen collaboration and co-create a new Living Lab

The Botildenborg Foundation in Malmö uses food and cultivation to contribute to practical solutions for social, economic and ecological sustainability. Together with SLU Urban Futures, a joint Living