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New restaurant in Alnarp this autumn

Published: 08 May 2020

SLU has during the spring made a contract for the operation of a restaurant and internal catering for SLU in Alnarp.

The procurement is carried out according to LOU. In order for the bidders to be qualified for further evaluation, they must meet requirements for, for example, finances, quality and sustainability. Award.

A working group consisting of the purchasing department and employees and students from SLU's restaurant group have prepared tender documents and evaluated the tenderers.

Pembert & Gustavsson were ranked highest in the evaluation and distinguished themselves by vision, enthusiasm and skill as well as added value in the form of well thought out concept focused on collaboration and interesting menu suggestions.

The current restaurant is operational until the end of June and the kitchen will then be renovated. Pembert & Gustavsson then starts up in connection with the start of the semester.