A group of people walking in to a forest.
20 Oct

Webinar, Zoom

Urban forestry from a planning perspective

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Urban forestry is a new and still-developing research field. In this webinar series, arranged by SLU Urban Futures and Future Forests, we delve into urban forests to shed light on various aspects and areas that need more research. On October 20, we meet Karin Fällman Lillqvist (Skogssällskapet) and Marcus Hedblom (SLU).


Time: 2021-10-20 15:00 - 16:00
City: Webinar, Zoom
Organiser: SLU Urban Futures and Future Forests
Additional info:

Future Forests
Future Forests is a platform for multidisciplinary forest research, collaboration and research communication, driven by SLU, Umeå University and the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden.

SLU Urban Futures
Among the four SLU Future Platforms SLU Urban Futures has the mission to strengthen sustainable urban development. The platform aims to identify knowledge needs and strives to develop new research questions addressing the challenges of an urbanising planet.

About this webinar

This webinar is the second event in a webinar series about Urban Forests in the fall of 2021. Please note:

  • The webinar will be recorded. If you don't want to be identified, please turn your camera off and remove your name from your window.
  • Please have your microphone off (when not participating).

What are urban forests?

Watch the presentation from the first webinar, when Prof. dr. Cecil Konijnendijk, (Nature Based Solutions Institute) presented the research field of Urban forests.