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New SLU podcast on open science

Published: 13 October 2022
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Are you curious about what open science means for you as a researcher, teacher or student at SLU? In the SLU University Library’s new podcast ”Open Science talks”, you will learn more about how open science affects different parts of the university

In the podcast ”Open Science talks – en podd om öppen vetenskap” Tomas Lundén, Hanna Östholm, Jennifer Salomonsson and Cissi Jansson from the SLU University Library explore open science, meaning the will to provide access to scientific results and processes to everyone. The podcast focuses on open science from a broad SLU perspective.

Together with invited guest, both from SLU and other organizations, the episodes will discuss everything from citizen science, to open education and data management, to how external expert reviews can be done within the framework of open science. The language will vary between Swedish and English – or a mix of both.

The first episode is already up and the next one will follow soon!

Take the opportunity to listen to the podcast together with others during the Open Access Week 2022 in Umeå and Uppsala. Representatives from the podcast will be there to answer your questions and participate in the discussion.

Do you have questions, comments or suggestions for future episodes? Do not hesitate to get in touch (!

You listen to the podcast via SLU Play, where it will also be available with subtitles soon.

Do you want to know when a new episode is released? Send an e-mail to and we’ll let you know!