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The SLU University Library works with and develops scientific communication and supports research and learning in collaboration with researchers, students and employees at SLU.

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Christmas fair at Campus Alnarp

bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se Christmas is fast approaching and as the last event of the semester, SLU University Library invites everyone at SLU to a Christmas fair at Campus Alnarp. Come by and do


Do you have a book club or are you planning to start one? We now have book circle bags for lending at the university library. Each bag contains eight copies of a title and tips on questions to

Worth knowing November

Worth knowing Ultuna: Habitat Loss and Climate Change - a deadly cocktail for biodiversity? bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se Welcome to a lunch lecture in the library in Ultuna! Alistair Auffret


Christmas fair at Campus Ultuna bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se Christmas is fast approaching and as the last event of the semester, Culture@Campus and Ull i Uppland (eng. Wool in Uppland) invite

Would you like to be a vendor at the Ultuna Christmas market?

The Christmas market is open to everyone, and the focus is, as usual, on handicrafts and farm made produce. To be vendor you need to either work or study at SLU, or to be a member of Ull i Uppland .

SLU reads

SLU reads! bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se Do you need a break from your studies, or do you want to meet new friends at SLU? Welcome to join our online book club where we discuss fiction about important

Information meeting about Campus Plan Ultuna

marten.granert@slu.se The work to establish a campus development plan for Ultuna by 2040 has progressed as expected, and the plan is now being circulated for comment. The workgroup would like to

Welcome to knitting café in Alnarp!

bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se Are you a beginner and want some getting started tips? Or perhaps you just want to meet others and knit together? Welcome to a knitting café in Makerspace at the library!

book circle

Inspiration meeting: start a book circle bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se Welcome to a book circle meeting in the SLU University Library in Alnarp, where you can meet others who want to start a book

Worth knowing Ultuna is back with new lectures

internkommunikation@slu.se Värt att veta is the SLU Library’s popular science lecture series and aims to share and increase awareness of SLU:s most exciting research, both at our own university and

open science talks podcast

Are you curious about what open science means for you as a researcher, teacher or student at SLU? In the SLU University Library’s new podcast ”Open Science talks”, you will learn more about how open

Listen to and discuss SLU's new podcast about open science

bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se Bring your lunch to the library in Umeå or Uppsala and listen to an episode of SLU's new podcast about open science. Afterwards there is an opportunity to meet the people