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Library search & write guide – new name for useful resource

Published: 01 December 2021

The SLU University Library’s previous resource for thesis writing now has a broadened target group and extended support for academic writing. In connection with this, the guide’s name has changed to ”Library search & write guide”.

The Library’s search and write guide has been available as a resource since 2018, and was originally designed to support students writing their independent projects. To provide both students and employees with broader support, the guide has now been developed in terms of target group, content and scope. For example, the sections on writing, oral presentations and feedback have been reworked and expanded.

In connection with this change, the name of the guide has been changed from ”Getting ready for your independent project” to ”Library search & write guide”. The name was changed in order to:

  • signal the contents of the guide more clearly
  • broaden the target group to everyone who is writing an academic text
  • clarify that the resource is a guide and not a course.

As a student, you can click on “Join this course” on the guide’s start page and the guide will be added to your personal Canvas room. If you are a teacher, you can use the guide by, for example, linking to it in your course.

You can also find the guide in the SLU University library’s web menu “Write and cite”.

The new parts of the guide are currently only available in Swedish, but will soon be available in English as well.