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Swedish higher education institutions to transition to distance teaching as of Wednesday 18 March

Published: 17 March 2020

At a press conference this morning, the government issued a recommendation which all higher education institutions are expected to follow. All students are to study at home instead of on campus. All students keep their student finance. The decision only concerns the transition to distance teaching and examination, which means other operations should continue operating as usual to the extent possible. (in Swedish)

At SLU, many of our teachers, programme directors of studies, programme boards and administrative functions have already started the preparations for the transition to distance teaching, which is now becoming a reality. We all need to focus on our students, we need to prioritise and staff, as well as students, need to find creative and local solutions in this exceptional situation.

Remember that distance teaching does not necessarily mean brilliantly prepared digital lectures, it can also be other kinds of independent study or home assignments. Written examinations on campus will be replaced by take-home examinations if necessary. Try to think of solutions that are as simple as possible – remember that not all students have powerful computers at home and internet capacity might be affected.

There is a great deal of practical teaching at SLU, at campuses of different sizes. We will need to find local solutions where we find the best way of achieving the objective of social distancing, including travel to and from campus. Course components that cannot be carried out now or moved till autumn may need to be scheduled for the summer.

We're facing an extraordinary situation that is trying for us all, but together we can make it work!

/Vice Chancellor Mia Knutson Wedel