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Stricter general guidelines imposed in Uppsala County

Published: 21 October 2020

The Public Health Agency of Sweden, in consultation with the infection control doctor in Region Uppsala, and others, has decided on stricter general guidelines. People in Uppsala County are now urged only to socialise with people they live with, as far as possible.

The decision applies until December 13, but may be extended.

The rapidly increasing COVID-19 infection rate in Region Uppsala gives cause for concern. It has increased the burden on the health services and calls for extra measures, over and above those already in force throughout the country, based on the regulations and general guidelines of the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

The Director-General of the Public Health Agency of Sweden, Johan Carlson, has therefore, in consultation with the region’s infection control doctor, the county administrative board and the health services, taken a decision to impose local general guidelines for a limited time aimed at further curbing the local outbreak.

From 20 October onwards, all residents in Uppsala County are urged to:

  • avoid travelling by public transport and
  • if possible, avoid physical contact with anyone other than those they live with.

This means, among other things, that all residents are advised against organising or attending a party or having similar social contact.

Essential close contacts, such as visits to health centres and medical examinations, need to take place as usual. However, it is important to remember that anyone who has symptoms that could be caused by COVID-19 must avoid all close contact with other people.

The decision also imposes stricter general guidelines for businesses and organisations – such as shops and sports facilities – and workplaces in Uppsala. For example, all organisations should take steps to minimise the number of visitors to their premises at any one time. Employers are urged to ensure that staff can work from home.

“The purpose of this decision is to further curb the spread of infection in the region by limiting the number of occasions when the virus can be transmitted to several other people,” says Johan Carlson, Director-General of the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden has had powers to decide on locally applicable general guidelines since 19 October. The decision concerning Uppsala County is the first to be taken.

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This translation was originally published by Uppsala University