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Veterinary School Card Catalogue - digitized and available to everyone!

Published: 06 April 2017

The Veterinary School card catalogue has been digitized. The digitized card catalogue includes about 600 running metres and contains work from the 16th century onwards. It contains scientific literature in veterinary medicine and general medicine of both national and international importance. Previously, the only way to search the Veterinary School Collections has been through the card catalogue in Ultuna, but now anyone who is interested can search the card catalogue online.


The card catalogue, now digitized, was used in Stockholm until 1977, when the former Veterinary School merged with the Royal College of Forestry and the Royal Agricultural Collage to form SLU. The Veterinary School has predecessors going back to 1819, and in Skara there were counterparts already in the 18th century.

Who is the digitized card catalogue for?

One group is the historically interested veterinaries, but any veterinary writer, researcher or student may find the collection useful when they need to do historical studies.

How do I use the digitized card catalogue?

Searches are made in the text field. It is not possible to limit the search to any specific fields such as author, title or year. However, there is a brows able index. It is important to know that only every 20th card is indexed so what you searched for may be found anywhere between the linked words to the left on the search page. This means that you have to go back and forward using the arrows at the top of the page to see all the cards within the appropriate range. It is relevant to look through 19 cards before and 19 cards after the page you landed on through the search to know if what you are looking for is available.