24 Oct


Act with good conscience - good food for health and animals

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Act with a good conscience. Advertise. 

On October 24, 2019, the Swedsh Center for Animal Welfare, SCAW, is organizing a seminar on procurement focusing on public health and animal welfare. Both in procurement and in other purchases there are great opportunities to influence which food products that come out to the end customer. Procurement can thus be used as an effective tool to promote good animal welfare. Good animal welfare promotes Swedish production with low antibiotic use, which in turn is good from a public health perspective.

Purpose: The Swedish Center for Animal Welfare organizes a seminar on procurement focusing on public health and animal welfare in order to highlight the value of good animal welfare and to highlight the added value of swedish products. The aim is to provide contractors with tools to successfully procure products from animals with good animal welfare and to help buyers know how they can inspire their customers to choose such products. The seminar will also cover laws on procurement and the consequences of a procurement that does not take animal welfare into account

Target group: Purchasers at municipalities and county councils, buyers in the grocery trade and other large buyers of food products.

The seminar will be held in swedish

Cost: 600 SEK incl. food and coffee

Register by: 18 october 2019



Time: 2019-10-24 -
City: Uppsala