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Food science

Food science includes product quality, vegetables, milk, meat and fish.

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The Master´s Programme Sustainable Food Systems, admitted from autumn 2022

Information for those studying on the Master's programme (two-year) in Sustainable Food Systems, admitted from autumn 2022. On these pages you will find information about the programme, contact


On December 13th the student teams from 5 Nordic and Baltic universities pitched their food and biotechnology related business ideas to an international jury at the NOBALIS Demo Day. The teams have

EFFoST advances production of sustainable healthy food

The European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST) continuously creates opportunities for food scientists, technologists and other relevant stakeholders in the food and food-related

Outdoor Recreational Activities in Bali, Indonesia: The Cultural Landscape Subak as a Respite

Kei Nilsson, Outdoor Environments for Health and Well-Being - Master's programme Summary While Indonesia faces countless environmental challenges due to the deforestation and exploitation of nature,

Swedish “tofu” from faba beans

Saga Preis, Agriculture - Food Science programme Summary Tofu is a popular plant-based product traditionally made from soybeans. As soybeans consumed in Europe are often imported, this project aimed

Homestead Gardening in Rural Bangladesh: Women’s Contribution to Sustainable Local Food System and Security

Khondaker Nusrat Sharmin Tumpa, Rural Development and Natural Resource Management – Master’s programme Summary This thesis paper presents qualitative research to explore women’s contribution to

The Uptake of Vertical Farming Practices in Kenya - A case study on Tatton Agriculture Park

Jim Lawrence Njoroge, Agricultural Economics and Management - Master's programme Summary This thesis dives into the subject of vertical farming implementation in Kenya, with a specific focus on

Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Food Safety Attributes of Nectarines

Kgodisho Mashego, Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis (AFEPA) – Master’s programme Summary In this study a discrete choice experiment was used to determine how much are consumers

Marketing of meat alternatives. A comparison between Germany and Sweden

Ann-Cathrin Rudolph, Erasmus Business Administration Summary The thesis examines sustainable marketing trends based on positioning claims on packaging taken from the Mintel GNPD for the German and

Chemical inducers - an analysis of piperazines promoting callus formation & pluripotency acquisition

Ellen Fasth, Msc Biology - Genetic & Molecular Plant Science Summary Analogous to animals' fight or flight response, sessile land plants have developed a fight or fix module as a survival strategy.

Food Waste & Climate Impact - A Waste Composition Analysis on Elementary Schools in Uppsala

Runa Halvarsson, Biology and Environmental Science - Bachelor's programme Summary Food waste is a global problem that results in sociological, economical, and ecological losses. To combat food waste,

Food supply chain resilience to pandemics: a rapid review

Georgii Nikolaev, Environmental Economics & Management – Master’s programme Summary A review and synthesis of evidence on food supply chain resilience to pandemics. Poster Click on image to view the