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Food science

Food science includes product quality, vegetables, milk, meat and fish.

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Outdoor Recreational Activities in Bali, Indonesia: The Cultural Landscape Subak as a Respite

Kei Nilsson, Outdoor Environments for Health and Well-Being - Master's programme Summary While Indonesia faces countless environmental challenges due to the deforestation and exploitation of nature,

Swedish “tofu” from faba beans

Saga Preis, Agriculture - Food Science programme Summary Tofu is a popular plant-based product traditionally made from soybeans. As soybeans consumed in Europe are often imported, this project aimed

Homestead Gardening in Rural Bangladesh: Women’s Contribution to Sustainable Local Food System and Security

Khondaker Nusrat Sharmin Tumpa, Rural Development and Natural Resource Management – Master’s programme Summary This thesis paper presents qualitative research to explore women’s contribution to

The Uptake of Vertical Farming Practices in Kenya - A case study on Tatton Agriculture Park

Jim Lawrence Njoroge, Agricultural Economics and Management - Master's programme Summary This thesis dives into the subject of vertical farming implementation in Kenya, with a specific focus on

Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Food Safety Attributes of Nectarines

Kgodisho Mashego, Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis (AFEPA) – Master’s programme Summary In this study a discrete choice experiment was used to determine how much are consumers

Marketing of meat alternatives. A comparison between Germany and Sweden

Ann-Cathrin Rudolph, Erasmus Business Administration Summary The thesis examines sustainable marketing trends based on positioning claims on packaging taken from the Mintel GNPD for the German and

Chemical inducers - an analysis of piperazines promoting callus formation & pluripotency acquisition

Ellen Fasth, Msc Biology - Genetic & Molecular Plant Science Summary Analogous to animals' fight or flight response, sessile land plants have developed a fight or fix module as a survival strategy.

Food Waste & Climate Impact - A Waste Composition Analysis on Elementary Schools in Uppsala

Runa Halvarsson, Biology and Environmental Science - Bachelor's programme Summary Food waste is a global problem that results in sociological, economical, and ecological losses. To combat food waste,

Food supply chain resilience to pandemics: a rapid review

Georgii Nikolaev, Environmental Economics & Management – Master’s programme Summary A review and synthesis of evidence on food supply chain resilience to pandemics. Poster Click on image to view the

Growing on the roof – but in what?

Mikael Brocki, Landscape Engineer programme (BSc) Summary Urban Rooftop Agriculture is a growing field within the urban matrix which has arisen as a response to rapid population growth and

Consumers' perception of climate-smart wine packaging - A case study on Systembolaget

Iris Lundquist and Nicole Chidiac, Sustainable Food Systems - Master's programme Summary Environmental concerns in the wine industry have gained global attention, highlighting the need for a shift

Casein genetics and coolings effect on milks properties– Different Beta-casein genotypes effect on milks stability during cooling and it´s coagulation properties

Simon Höxter, Agriculture - Food Science programme (BSc) Summary Beloved milk products like cheese are made possible thanks to the protein group caseins. Caseins are organised in spheres, which can