Poster presentation

Last changed: 06 February 2024
Student by her poster. Photo: Johan Wahlgren

Present your poster at Thesis Day and take the opportunity to show your research and celebrate your achievements.

Please read the information below prior to submitting your poster.

Poster format

SLU has a template for scientific posters. In the template you can change the different elements according to your needs (color, images, text, etc.)

Make your poster using the power point template for scientific poster. Making the poster in programs like Adobe InDesign is also an option, as long as the size/dimensions are the same (printable A1 size / 59,4cm x 84,1 cm / 9933 x 7016 px) and you adhere to the policies for use of the SLU logo, etc. Recommended resolution is 200-300 dpi.

How to create a scientific poster

Digital seminars are offered on the following dates:

14 March at 10:00-11:30
23 April at 13:00-14:30
7 May at 09:00-10:30

About me

Take the chance to promote yourself to future employers and colleagues. 

Contact section of the poster:

  • QR code with link to your LinkedIn profile page
    Include a short presentation about yourself in the About section on LinkedIn. If you don't have a LinkedIn profile, or would like tips on how to make it more effective, there are seminars about maximizing your LinkedIn profile on 21 February and 17 April.
  • E-mail address
    Use a personal one, not the student one, to ensure it workes post graduation.


There are three competitions available to participate in:

  • Best scientific poster: The jury members will be at the events to select the winners.
  • Oral presentation at the event in Alnarp or Uppsala
  • Global Sustainability Award: Submit a pitch for your project to a jury of alumni, showing them how it can help reach the Sustainable Development Goals.

Information about the awards

The awards are presented in Uppsala on 24 May and Alnarp on 31 May.

Preparation of material

Please review these guidelines prior to submitting your poster: Guidelines for poster submission

Examples: 2023 Digital poster exbibit

Submission deadlines

  2 May - Register to participate in Thesis Day

15 May - Global Sustainability Award

20 May - Posters for Ultuna

27 May - Poster for Alnarp


018-67 34 47  / 018- 67 20 18