Last changed: 10 May 2023
Thesis Day awards ceremony. Photo: Anton Caringer, SLU

Take the opportunity to participate in the competitions with your degree project. These competitions are available to the participants of Thesis Day. Everyone who submits their poster by 21 May 2023 is automatically part of the competition for the best poster award. The other two are optional to participate in.

Awards available for 2023

Best scientific poster

By submitting your poster no later than 22 May 2023 at 10.00, you will automatically be a part of this contest.

An academic jury will select the best poster using the following criterias:

  • Clear sender
  • The title attracts interest and is readable at a distance
  • Not to much text
  • Good graphics
  • Good layout and a logical structure
  • Clear conclusions

The winners will receive their award during the events at Alnarp and Ultuna.

Present your project at the event

Take the opportunity to put the spotlight on your project during the event at Alnarp or Ultuna. 

  • Check the box in the registration form if you are interested in this opportunity.
  • Eight projects are selected by a jury to present their work (four in each location).
  • The winners are notified by 5 May
  • Participate in a workshop on presentation techniques is expected. The workshop is split up in two sessions: 10 May and 17 May (13.00-15.00). The first session is digital and second session is in person (Alnarp and Ultuna).

Global sustainability award

How can your thesis save the world? Pitch the essence of your thesis to show how it helps meeting the Sustainable Development Goals to a jury of SLU alumni from a broad field of expertise.   

How to partipate?   

  • When registering for Thesis Day, note that you would like to participate in this competition
  • Submit a short (max. 2 pages) pitch by 15 May 2023 to answering the five questions below.
  • You are encouraged to be creative by using pictures or graphics to visualize your pitch.

SDG: Which of the Sustainable Development Goals does your thesis address?  More information about the goals are available at

Need: What is the global need for your idea? Describe the problem. 

Approach: What is your approach to the identified topic/need? Describe your solution.   

Benefits: What are the benefits for people or nature with your idea/topic? 
Describe the positive effects of your idea of a solution. 

Obstacles: Are there any obstacles for your idea to make true global change?   

Criterias used by the jury

  • Level of overall impact of your topic towards the SDGs   
  • Future impact on local and/or global level  
  • Comprehensibility of your idea towards a general public  

The winner will receive the award at the live event at Alnarp or Uppsala.

Jury 2023

Academic jury

Best poster award


Karin Hakelius
Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship and innovation for sustainability

Lena Olsén
Senior Lecturer, Department of Clinical Sciences

Roger Petterson
Head of Division, Division of Learning and Digitalization

Jannie Teinler
Communications Officer, SLU Library


Ida Andersson
Communications Officer, Unit for Collaboration and Development

Fredrik Fernqvist
Senior Lecturer, Department of People and Society

Anders Larsson
Senior Lecturer, Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management

Åsa Ode
Librarian, SLU Library

Alumni jury

Global Sustainability Award

Ellen Anker-Kofoed
Coordinator National Food Strategy, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

Ioannis Dimitriou
Associate Professor and Senior research advisor, SLU

Sepehr Mousavi
Chief Innovation Officer, Swegreen

Niclas Östlund
Business Developer Alnarp, Green Innovation Park

Oral presentation at Thesis Day

Short film clip showing what it's like making an oral presentation.

TD2022 presentation. Photo: Johan von Feilitzen, SLU


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