Starting a business

Last changed: 05 October 2023

Are you thinking of starting up your own business? There are lots of resources and support services available while you are a student, so make the most of them!

Read more about the various national organisations that can support you if you want to start a business:

SLU Holding

SLU Holding is a resource for all SLU students and employees who are interested in innovations.  They can answer your questions about business development and commercialisation of ideas and products. SLU Holding has its office in Uppsala, but its network enables it to offer students on all SLU's main campuses the same first-class service. Look out for SLU Holding activities near you!


Drivhuset helps university students start and run businesses, or realise their visions in other ways. More information and a calendar of workshops and lectures can be found on the Drivhuset website  .

Swedish business link to government

A site containing information  about laws, rules, services and practical tips if you are thinking about starting a business. For instance, you can create a checklist for starting a business.

Start-up Line

Start-up Line is a free telephone service (020 35 10 10) that provides you with information and guidance if you are planning to start a business or have recently done so.

Venture Cup

A business plan competition that aims to help you turn your business idea into reality. When you enter the competition you get, absolutely free, feedback, supervision, training and access to a large network of contacts. The competition begins in October and ends in April the following year. Find out more about Venture Cup on their website .

Almi Företagspartners

ALMI Företagspartner offers financing and advisory services for people who want to start a business. Contact your local ALMI company  (in Swedish only).

Swedish Tax Agency

The website of the Swedish Tax Agency  has everything you need to know and do when starting up a business. They also cooperate with Verksam - Government service for businesses.


Nyföretagarcentrum offers free advice to those who want to start a business. Find your municipality on their website .


Vinnova is a government agency that reports to the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications. Their sphere of responsibility consists of innovation systems associated with research and development. Vinnova finances needs-driven research.Read more about Vinnova on their web site .


Innovationsbron works to turn research and innovations into businesses. They help to overcome the difficulties and risks involved in developing a business idea. Their objective is to accelerate growth in Swedish industry. Find out more about Innovationsbron on their website.

Industry experts and other advisers

These are all national organisations that can support you if you want to start a business. There are also many regional organisations, so do not forget to check out what is available in your municipality.

Do not forget that banks, accounting firms, patent agencies and insurance companies have advisers and industry experts who can help you start a business.