Plant Biology for Sustainable Production - Master´s Programme

Published: 16 October 2019

This webpage is for students on the Plant Biology for Sustainable  Prodcution - master´s programme.

Here you find information about the program, welcome letter with core information, your course schedule, contacts and the documents that regulate the eduaction. Navigate by clicking on the headings below.

Welcome letter

Congratulations for your place at the Plant Biology for Sustainable Production - Masters Programme at SLU. We are looking forward to meeting you at SLU this autumn!

The program and the autumn semester 2019 begins with roll call on Monday 2 September. The location and time for the roll call in Umeå, Uppsala and Alnarp will be published on the homepage New student.

You are also invited to attend an orientation programme were you will be given essential and useful information about your stay in Sweden and your studies at SLU. This programme take place before the semester start. You will find all information that you will need as a new student at SLU at the page New student. On this page you will also find more information about the your campus for study location, roll call and orientation programme.  

The programme consists of five specializations where all students admitted to following specializations

start their studies with the course Introduction to Plant Biology for Sustainable Production. On the course homepages (under the headline Course schedule below) you will find schedules for your classes and other course related messages.

Students admitted to the specialization  Genetic and Molecular Plant Biology, multiple campuses, will start with the course Genetic and Molecular Plant Science at Uppsala University. On the course homepages you will find schedules for your classes and other course related messages.

The next two years will be valuable, exciting and hard-work but also fun. During the first year you will acquire a strong basic understanding of different aspects of plant biology, during the second year you will focus on your chosen specialization: Plant breeding and protection in Alnarp, abiotic and biotic interactions of cultivated plants in Ultuna or forest biotechnology in Umeå. Although you as a student are the focus of our work, you have a great personal responsibility for your studies and your academic performance. We look forward to teaching and working with you!

Once again, welcome to SLU!

Totte Niittylä, coordinator campus Umeå
Ida Lager, coordinator campus Alnarp
Anders Kvarnheden, coordinator campus Ultuna
Program coordinators




Programme scope: 2 years, 120 credits

The program has 5 specializations. During the first year all courses are joint within specialization 1-4 and during 2:nd year you choose courses within each specifik specialization.

Specialization: Cultivated plant's abiotic and biotic interaction Campus: Uppsala

Specialization: Forest biotechnology. Campus: Umeå

Specialization: Plant protection and plant breeding Campus: Alnarp

Specialization: Erasmus Mundus Plant Biology, EMplant. Scholarships: Scholarships are available for a number of students at the Erasmus Mundus Specialization,

Note: for the Erasmus mundus specialization, students must also apply  at  

Specialization: Genetics and molecular plant biology Campus: Uppsala

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