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Sign up for a workshop in Alnarp on bystander intervention

Published: 29 January 2024

In this workshop, you will get tools, information and a chance to practise being more comfortable as an active bystander, or help you who want to become one. Everyone who visits our campuses should feel safe and welcome.

The purpose with this training is to empower you and give you tools and information that can help when you face situations that are potentially dangerous. You can help someone or even change the outcome of an event.  

The workshop is given on two separate occasions, in English on 28 February and in Swedish on 24 April, at 13–16 in the room Makerspace, third floor of the library. Last day to register is the day of your chosen workshop.  

A bystander is a witness to a situation, but someone who is not personally involved. We are all bystanders in different situations, often on a daily basis. An active bystander is someone who acknowledge a problematic situation and chooses how to respond 

Bystander actions can stop events before they happen, or while they are happening. They may occur before, during or after a potentially dangerous situation. Ultimately, the act of the active bystander can prevent inappropriate behaviour, violence and assault. We are all part of the solution!