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Reporting incidents at SLU

Published: 08 September 2023

The IA-system (Information om arbetsmiljö/Work environment information) is a one-stop tool for employees and students to report incidents.

It is important for SLU to work both proactively and reactively with all kinds of incidents. Everyone must contribute by reporting these incidents.

There are different categories for registration, for example:

  • Near miss: Something happened, but no-one was injured (“oops”). 
  • Accident: Something happened and at least one person was injured (“ouch”). It does not matter how minor the injury is.
  • Commuting accident: An accident occurred on the way to or from work, provided you follow the normal path.
  • Property/security: Fire, break-ins, vandalism, personal threats, loss of computer or mobile phone.
  • Environment: Unintentional emissions to air, soil or water.
  • Personal data breach: Email to the wrong person or something else that means that personal data has been destroyed or has ended up with an unauthorized person.

For registration, click the button at “Emergency or Incident” at the Staff web or Student web or use the IA-app. The only exception will be fault reporting related to premises and service, where a separate system will still be used.

Are you a manager or a safety representative? Welcome to participate at an information about managing a report. (Only in Swedish.)


Do you have questions about IA? Mail SLU's super user of the IA system: