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SLU brings together hundreds of actors from around the world for sustainable and fair food systems

Published: 11 September 2023

The world is facing major challenges in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. The importance of food systems in achieving the goals is central. The Agri4D conference is a creative meeting place for actors working for a sustainable future, and this year's theme is”Building resilient food systems in uncertain times”.

On 26-28 September, the digital conference Agri4D 2023 will take place. More than 600 people from several different countries are registered to attend. The participants are researchers, politicians, practitioners, financiers and other stakeholders. For three days, they can choose from up to 22 sessions and lectures about the development of sustainable food systems in low-income contexts.

In order for the food systems in the world to become more sustainable and to provide sufficient and nutritious food for all, major changes are inevitable. There is a need for a more distinct system perspective where social, economic and environmental factors are taken into account, with change in both production and consumption - locally, nationally and globally. Agri4D is a meeting place to share the current state of knowledge and to promote new collaborations", says Ylva Hillbur, Pro Vice-Chancellor for international relations, SLU.

The fact that fair and sustainable food systems are crucial to people and planet, is shown not least by the UN Summit Food System Summit, that was held on 23 September 2021 and announced by the UN Secretary-General António Guterres.

About Agri4D

Agri4D, which stands for Agriculture for Development, is arranged every second year by SLU Global and SIANI with the support of Sida. The conference this year is broadcasted digitally and is open for everyone to participate in. The conference is free of charge.

Find out more and register at the conference web page here


SLU and food systems

Large parts of SLU's research, education and collaboration are directly or indirectly linked to food systems. SLU actively participates with knowledge to help achieve sustainable food systems. More information can be found here.