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New publications at the Department of Energy and Technology! (week 35)

Published: 30 August 2023

Three new articles are now published by our great researchers! Read about algae as food, production of hydrogen and the possibilities of Camelina oil for biodiesel production.

Three articles about important topics are now published by ET researchers:  

  • What are the possibilities to use Camelina oil for sustainable biodiesel production? The study by Karlsson Potter, H; D.M.M.Yacout, Henryson, K, 2023 assessed the climate impacts of growing camelina as an intermediate crop in northern Europe (Sweden) for the production of vegetable oil and biofuel. Full article:  


  • Hydrogen can be an important energy carrier in the sustainable energy system of the future, but how do we ensure that hydrogen is produced with a low carbon footprint and at minimum cost in current systems?  L. Engstam, L. Janke, C. Sundberg and Å. Nordberg investigated temporal and spatial emission variations in the interconnected northern European electricity system and applied hourly grid emission factors to electrolytic hydrogen production in Sweden. Full article:


  • Is algae the food that will change the food system? The study by M. Jacobsen, M. Bianchi, J. P. Trigo, I. Undeland, E. Hallström and S. Bryngelsson investigate the topic from a nutritional perspective. Full article: