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Stipend for international thesis work

Published: 19 December 2023

There is now an opportunity to do field work for your thesis work in a low- or middle-income country, with financial support from SLU through Erasmus.

Approximately ten SLU-students will during the spring semester 2024 have the opportunity to, for a minimum of 6 weeks, do field work and collect data for thesis work in a low- or middle-income country[1]. The field trip should be finalised by the end of July 2024.

The purpose is to increase the interest for, and enable experiences from, partnerships for sustainable global development among students at SLU.

Apply by following the instructions that you reach through the “Apply here” link below. The application shall include a project description, welcome letter from your contact person in the concerned country, certificate from your SLU supervisor, and a copy of your passport. The application will be assessed based on feasibility and relevance of the project plan, including relevance of purpose, approach and method, academic relevance, realistic time schedule and budget.

The application will be assessed by a multidisciplinary group of researchers.

[1]According to the DAC List of ODA Recipients and where the Swedish Government does not advise against travel


Apply for the stipend by: January 18, 2024 at 13:00

Travel period: From mid-February to end of July 2024. Length of travel should be a minimum of 6 weeks.

Amount: The amount depends on the number of days of travel and the destination and should contribute to travel and support for accommodation. The stipend is estimated to 700 Euro per month for cost of living and between 820-1500 Euro for travel costs depending on distance to the country you are travelling to.  In your project description a simple budget should be included stating what the stipend will be used for and how you intend to cover your other costs.


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