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SLU's IT Department and Security Unit Calls for Extra Vigilance Against Cyber Attacks

Published: 25 February 2022

Due to the situation in Ukraine, the risk of cyber attacks on the Internet has increased sharply in recent days. SLU's IT department and Security Unit therefore urges everyone connected to SLU to be extra vigilant against, amongst other things, phishing and intrusion attempts.

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) has issued the following recommendations, which are aimed at all staff in both private and public organisations:

  • Be more vigilant regarding phishing, malware, passwords, fake documents and websites.
  • Pay extra attention to, and report, deviating functionality and events in IT systems.
  • Install security updates on your phone, computer and other devices as soon as possible.
  • SLU employees: do not use private equipment for work-related tasks unless agreed and approved by the employer. Also avoid private cloud services.

In addition to cyber attacks, there is also an increased spread of disinformation on the Internet. Therefore, be especially careful to always obtain and share information from reliable sources.

In the event of noticed deviations, please contact

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