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SLU has been tasked by the Government to reduce electricity use

Published: 06 October 2022

Each month, the amount of electricity purchased must be reported to the Swedish Energy Agency until the end of March 2023. Measures being taken to reduce electricity use must be reported continually.

Gas and electricity prices are at record highs, which is placing a heavy strain on society. Everybody must contribute to reducing energy use. As a public authority, SLU has been tasked by the Government to take any possible and suitable measures to reduce electricity use. 

A group comprising the environmental manager (chair), head of real estate management, a project manager and the head of NJ Faculty Office have been tasked with leading and coordinating the work to reduce energy use at SLU, beyond the existing environmental objectives.

Here you will find more information about the task, our monthly reports and how you can do your bit.


Send your questions, ideas and information about measures taken to the Environment Unit via