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Eleven environmental certificates become one

Published: 10 June 2021

All of SLU is now covered by the same environmental certificate.

In 2019, our vice-chancellor decided that SLU’s eleven environmental certificates should be combined into one shared certificate. SLU’s environmental coordinators have since been working intensely on defining a new organisation matching the university’s line management, compiling and drafting university-wide procedures and documents, and preparing a shared environmental aspects list, legislation list and environmental risk assessment procedures.

In connection with the first external audit using the “multisite with sampling” format, the auditors from the Rise certification body noted a total of 43 non-conformities and 47 improvement proposals. During spring, the Environment Unit, the environmental coordinators and others throughout our organisation have been working on remedying this.

Ambitions are high, and so is the commitment to environmental matters at SLU. Several employees have been involved in making the new certificate a reality.

“This is such a good example of how we can cooperate within the university and across organisational boundaries,” says Environmental Manager Johanna Sennmark, who also wants to extend a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who has been involved in this work in some way.