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Microsoft closes access to "To Do" app for SLU.

Published: 09 March 2021

The Microsoft app "To Do" will no longer be available for SLU accounts. If you use To Do you must backup data by the 10th of March.

The Microsoft app "To Do" has from the beginning only available to users with accounts fully integrated in Microsofts cloud. SLU accounts are not since SLU has e-mail and some other Microsoft services on our own servers "in-house". Therefore SLU account should not have acess to To Do. However, due to a bug in ToDo there may be exceptions where SLU account had access anyway. Microsoft has now fixed this bug and access is being terminated for these accounts. 

Starting the 22nd of January To Do is only accessible via a web browser. All To Do apps will no longer work with SLU account. 

Starting the 11th of March To Do is not accessible by any means for SLU  accounts.  You should backup any data saved in To Do before then. 

If you have a private account in Microsofts cloud it is not affected by this change. Only accounts with e-mail address ending in "" are afftected. 



To backup data in To Do.

1) Login to your Microsoft To Do account at ""

2) Mark the items that you wish to save.  Click on (...) next to Tasks and choose Print List.

3) Choose what should be printed and click Print.

4) Choose printer (Physical Printer och PDF file). Click Print.



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