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Campus Development: What does SLU's future at Ultuna look like?

Published: 15 March 2021
Aerial view of Ultuna, photo.

Work is now resuming on setting the direction for future development of the SLU Campus at Ultuna. Among other things, SLU’s opportunities for expansion and future land use will be examined. SLU will be affected by the growth of Uppsala and the new public transit, roads and housing that comes with it.

Uppsala is undergoing a huge expansion where the city's population is estimated to grow to 300,000 inhabitants by 2050. This affects Ultuna and SLU.

The need for buildings and land

The campus development is a collaboration primarily between SLU and Akademiska Hus. It will be based on the agreement between SLU, Uppsala municipality and Akademiska Hus that ensures SLU's continued operations and land use at Ultuna. The result is a structural plan that will show on an overall level the existing conditions, opportunities and limitations for Ultuna for the next 20 years – the near future.

Creating an attractive campus

An important part of this is SLU’s spatial needs, such as buildings and land for experiments and animal husbandry. The plan will also set the direction for an attractive environment for research, education and collaboration.

The topics include:

  • Buildings for expansion for SLU
  • Experimental and demonstration fields and pastures
  • Open space and green space
  • Student housing
  • Streets, roads and bike paths
  • Public transit
  • Parking

The project managers are Johan Lindersson from SLU and Christian Wallenborg from Akademiska Hus.

Welcome to an information session

The structural plan is an extensive work that will affect many. Therefore, SLU's employees and students are welcome to participate in upcoming meetings and workshops. Times for these will be communicated in SLU's regular channels.

On March 29 at 15.00, all those interested are invited to an introductory information session. The meeting will be held by SLU's Vice-Chancellor Maria Knutson Wedel, Chief operating officer Martin Melkersson and Peter Bohman, regional director at Akademiska Hus. Welcome.

Sign up

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