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New recommendations for the SLU reference system

Published: 10 February 2021

The SLU University Library has issued new recommendations for the SLU Harvard reference system. The updates include new ways to manage links and adaptations to standards outside of SLU. The style sheet in Zotero and Mendeley is updated automatically while EndNote users have to download the new file manually.

Many teachers use the SLU University library recommendations for reference management. Most PhD students also use the style in the dissertation. The recommendations are now updated, with the explicit goal of modernizing the look and make citing easier. Notable changes include new recommendations for persistent and regular links and how to cite a specific page in text.

The style sheet for Zotero and Mendeley is updated automatically. More information on the style sheet and how to download it can be found on this page: 

If you use EndNote you need to manually download the new style sheet and install in your EndNote folder. More information can be found on this page: 

The new recommendatinos can be found on:

If you have any questions regarding the updated recommendations, please contact