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The 2021–2025 SLU strategy adopted

Published: 28 September 2020

On 24 September, the SLU Board adopted the university’s new strategy for the period 2021–2025.

The 2021–2025 SLU strategy provides clear guidance on objectives and priorities and is intended to be a tool for facilitating strategic decisions in all parts of our organisation. It includes a new vision and a new mission statement for SLU. The goal is for all employees and students to recognise that everything they do is founded on our strategy for the next five years.

For every year, there will be prioritised measures and tasks, with the corresponding resources allocated, to implement the strategy in practice. There will be an annual follow-up of the implementation, and measures will be revised as needed.

The faculty boards will adopt the individual faculty strategies before the end of December 2020. The faculty strategies are a complement to the university strategy and cover e.g. strategic development of different lines of research. The faculty strategies will be annexed to the overall SLU strategy.