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Students’ union measures to minimise the spread of the coronavirus at welcome activities and pubs

Published: 28 August 2020

Due to the ongoing pandemic, most welcome activities organised by the students’ unions will take place outdoors.

Activities will be in groups of fewer than 50 people and organised to ensure you can keep your distance to other students. For indoor activities, hand sanitiser will be available.

To avoid queues forming, several students’ unions have opted to serve food instead of letting students help themselves. In some students’ union buildings, protective screens have been installed and there are floor markings to ensure that you can keep your distance if queues should form.

Any student who displays symptoms of illness will be asked to leave as only those without symptoms are allowed to take part in the welcoming activities.

For everyone’s safety, there will be students' union officials present during all welcome activities. If the rules about keeping distance are not respected, activities will be cancelled.

Student pubs this semester

Student pubs will be open during the semester but restrictions will apply. Students’ unions apply the same guidelines as commercial pubs and restaurants. Instead of bar service, it will be table service only.


If you have any questions about welcome activities or student pubs, contact your students' union.