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Guidelines for sports activities on campus

Published: 31 August 2020

The Public Health Agency of Sweden encourages physical activity and has issued guidelines for sports and exercise activities.

SLU applies these guidelines. For all sports and exercise activities, the general recommendations intended to minimise the spread of Covid-19 apply.

Indoor activities

For indoor activities, the guideline is to limit the number of participants if possible. There should also be clear signs advising participants to stay at home if they are unwell and to observe good hand hygiene. WCs and other areas used by a lot of people should be cleaned more frequently.

Risk and impact assessment

A risk and impact assessment of Syltahallen at Campus Ultuna will be made to see what signs there are to inform visitors about the guidelines. However, no extra cleaning will be performed as other premises on campus must be prioritised.

Individual responsibility

Even if the premises are rented from SLU, employees and students have an individual responsibility to respect the Public Health Agency guidelines in their spare time and during sports and exercise activities.