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Policy decision regarding SLU's teaching from 15 June

Published: 09 June 2020

Due to the government's decision that applies from June 15, SLU has made a policy decision that teaching can take place on campus if recommendations and guidelines are followed.

On 17 March, the Public Health Agency of Sweden decided that higher education institutions in Sweden should, effective immediately, make the transition to distance teaching. With a few, well-justified exceptions, this has also been the case. Since then, SLU and other higher education institutions have been monitoring developments and further official recommendations regarding the pandemic in order to contribute to reducing the spread of the virus.

The decision by the government 29 May 2020 which applies from 15 June has, therefore, resulted in the following decicions at SLU:

To guarantee that we can continue to comply with the recommendations from the Public Health Agency regarding distancing to reduce the spread of the virus, the following applies from 15 June:

  • Some teaching can take place on campus.
    •Some instruction will still be delivered online to limit the number of students on campus at any one time.
    •On-campus teaching will be organised in a way that means physical distance can be maintained.
  • Teaching that during the spring was conducted in good quality at a distance, may continue to be conducted at a distance.
  • A framework of priorities for campus presence will be drafted as soon as possible for each SLU site. This framework is a prerequisite if we are to continue to comply with official recommendations.