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How the new restrictions will affect your studies

Published: 20 November 2020

As of 24 November 2020, new restrictions apply that further limit the number of people allowed at public gatherings. The government emphasises that the new rules, allowing a maximum of 8 people, are to be applied also to areas not formally covered by them, such as teaching.

On our part, this means that existing rules relating to the Covid-19 pandemic will be tightened and more teaching will take place online. However, you must check what applies to your particular course or programme as some key components and exams will still take place on campus, with the necessary arrangements made to reduce the risk of infection.

The new restrictions, described below, will initially apply for the period 24 November to 23 December. This may change if the government issues new restrictions.


Most teaching will take place online, including for year 1 students. Face-to-face teaching is allowed if absolutely necessary, but only in small groups (approximately 10 people).

Seminars, exercises and other components with a high degree of interactivity need to be redesigned for online delivery to the extent possible or given in small groups (approximately 10 people).

You will find information on what applies to your course on the course page and in Canvas.


Examinations must, as far as possible, be done online. For examinations that cannot be done online, the number of seats in examination halls will be further reduced. Your course coordinator or examiner will let you know what applies to your exam.

Studying on campus

Meeting online to study together is a good idea. SLU offers several digital tools for studies and doing group assignments online. Provided you don’t have any symptoms, you can visit campus to study, but avoid gathering in larger groups. Spread out and respect the distancing requirements.

Do you need support, or do you have a question?

If you need support structuring your work during the pandemic, our study counsellors can help. For all questions related to your studies, you can also contact your students' union. They have procedures in place for passing on your views and comments.