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SLU Global co-organises workshop in Uganda about young agricultural entrepreneurship

Published: 14 August 2017

Involvement of local youth in developing agri-food value chains is key to face the challenges of an increasingly knowledge-intensive agriculture, while at the same time providing local employment and meet the needs of a growing global population. This will retain local human capital where it is needed most, and will reduce migration flows.

The workshop Accelerating Youth, Education & Innovation in Agribusiness for Sustainable Development aims to develop collaborative educational interactions between young agricultural entrepreneurship programmes south of the Sahara and programmes in the north spearheaded by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Such global links will increase the visibility and attractiveness of educational programs in farming and agribusiness and provide an opportunity to infuse sustainability thinking within these programsmes.

The workshop taking place in Kampala, Uganda, 16-24 August, 2017, consists of a two-day intensive exchange at Makerere University, including presentations and panel discussions by experts, and a competition in youth agri-food entrepreneurial projects. It will be followed by a four-day field trip to Sustainable agri-business entrepreneurship projects throughout Uganda.

Read more about the workshop here.

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