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#pluggahållbart & #studysustainably

Published: 08 November 2017

The NJ Faculty is increasing its efforts in getting more young people to find and apply to our courses and programmes. In addition to #pluggahållbart, we have started the sister campaign #studysustainably, so more people can discover our Master’s programmes. The new student project leader for these campaigns is Ylva Henriksson.

Through social media, #pluggahållbart and #studysustainably will spread knowledge of the NJ Faculty's degree programmes. Programme students fill the campaigns with content, and the work is led by Ylva Henriksson, an Agriculture – Food Science student, with the support of Communications Officer Li Gessbo.


The target group is Swedish and foreign students who meet the entry requirements for the NJ Faculty's Master's programmes. The aim is to showcase our degree programmes and what it is like to study at SLU in Uppsala. The campaign has been launched and will continue until the middle of April.

In order to reach as many as possible and spread this information, you can help by personally following and sharing the events through the following channels:


The students working on the campaign are Alexandra Mendebaba, Agricultural Economics and Management, Ana Calvo Robledo, Environmental Communication and Management and Sadiq Zafrullah, Rural Development and Natural Resource Management.


The target group is upper-secondary school students and others who might be interested in our courses and programmes at Bachelor's level. Special focus is given to the programmes Biology and Environmental Science, Agriculture – Food Science, Agriculture – Soil and Plant Sciences and Agriculture – Rural Development. The campaign starts for real in January and will continue until the application deadline in April. Read more (information in Swedish):

If you want to help

  • Follow #pluggahållbart and #studysustainably on social media and invite colleagues, friends and family to follow us as well.
  • Tag personal tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts with #pluggahållbart and/or #studysustainably
  • Share our posts on social media to increase visibility.
  • Tell everyone you know about the campaign – spread the word.

We welcome ideas and content suggestions. Can you think of anything that might be interesting to highlight? It can be about courses and programmes, research, innovations and news related to our studies. We would also like to hear from alumni on their careers. Please contact us with any tips you may have.


Ylva Henriksson, student Agriculture-Food Science, year 4
Project leader #pluggahållbart and #studysustainably
Phone: 0763206831