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Webinar: Urban Health – Diverse perspectives on health in urban settings

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How do we define, understand, and relate to health? What tendencies or changes can we observe in today’s urban contexts? SLU Urban Futures and SLU Future One Health are teaming up and invite you to our Urban Health webinar, which aims to bring together diverse perspectives on health in urban settings. The last registration day is 17 January! Most welcome!

Target audience: Researchers and practitioners interested in the implementation of health aspects in their urban planning perspectives

Keynote speakers: Professor Lindsay J. McCunn, Associate Professor Theodore Eisenman, Researcher Jonathan Stoltz and Senior Lecturer Sofia Boqvist.
(More information about the speakers below)

Moderators: Nina Vogel, Amanda Gabriel and Susanna Sternberg Lewerin

Language: English

The last registration day: 17 January 

SLU Urban Futures and SLU Future One Health are teaming up and invite to the Urban Health webinar, which aims to bring together diverse perspectives on health in urban settings.

An inclusion of various contemporary viewpoints offers a comprehensive understanding of urban health challenges and potential solutions, stretching from e.g. healthy nutrition and zoonotic diseases to healthy ecosystems and liveable cities. We explore questions that concern;

  • how to understand urban healthscapes from various disciplines and perspectives,
  • how to engage in urban healthscapes to impact physical and institutional design choices,
  • and how to define desirable urban healthscapes that offer synergies for contemporary needs and future development.


/Most welcome to an interesting webinar.


Time: 2024-01-22 15:00 - 17:30
City: Online
Organiser: SLU Urban Futures and SLU Future One Health
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Professor Lindsay J. McCunn is an environmental psychologist with a research focus on humane architectural design strategies, environmental neuroscience, sense of place, and urban planning. She is the Director of the Environmental Psychology Research Lab at Vancouver Island University, the co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Environmental Psychology, the former Chair of the Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA), and an Associate Editor for the Journal Cities & Health.

Theodore Eisenman is Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning with research focus exploring the historical, scientific, cultural, and design foundations of urban greening. His research encompasses various aspects, including urban tree planting initiatives, urban ecosystem services and disservices, human health connections with urban flora, design norms, equity, and governance. He is in a sabbatical from the University of Massachusetts and currently working at SLU.

Jonathan Stoltz is a Researcher in Environmental psychology at SLU, with research focus on cognitive sciences and environmental perceptions in relation to health and wellbeing in relation to evidence-based planning and design tools. He has worked with different kinds of landscape analyses and epidemiological data, linking environmental perceptions to various health and wellbeing outcomes, as well as investigated synergies with other sustainability aspects, such as, e.g., biodiversity and food production, in urban contexts.

Sofia Boqvist is Associate Professor in Infectious Disease Epidemiology at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences. Her research mainly focuses on aspects of veterinary public health, food security, microbial food safety and antimicrobial resistance. She has extensive experience of working on issues related to global challenges of security and safety using a holistic perspective, examples include how animal food production in urban environments affects human health and livelihoods.


Amanda Gabriel
Lecturer at the Department of People and Society

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