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24 Jan

Loftet banquet hall, Campus Ultuna, Uppsala

The future of meat – workshop and discussion for SLU's students and employees

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What role should meat play in our diets and culture? Which future is best for Swedish farmers? How much should meat cost? This and other topics will be discussed at a workshop on the future of meat. All students and employees at SLU are warmly welcome, regardless of background, personal experiences and level of expertise. The goal is to gain a better understanding of each other's points of view.

Meat eating and animal production intersect with health, culture, ethics, economies, security, climate change and biodiversity. It is therefore not surprising that debates surrounding meat and livestock are so intense, emotional and polarized.  Different worldviews, perspectives and special interests influence the interpretation of evidence and often discussions end in an ideological stalemate.

We welcome all SLU students and employees (*) to discuss values and thoughts associated with animal production and meat consumption in an inclusive and non-confrontational way. The goal of the workshop is for the participants to gain insight into their own underlying values, for new insights to be discovered through discussions without the same view as your own, and to map the areas of tension surrounding debates about meat eating and animal farming.

The workshop will be based on a project called Meat the Four Futures that SLU Future Food has carried out together with Table, a collaboration between the University of Oxford, SLU and Wageningen University & Research.

(*) All SLU students and SLU employees of all categories are warmly welcome to this workshop regardless of background, personal experiences and level of expertise.


Time: 2024-01-24 13:00 - 16:00
City: Uppsala
Location: Loftet banquet hall, Campus Ultuna
Organiser: SLU Future Food
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Swenglish, i.e. both Swedish and English will be used.


  • Limited number of places, but more opportunities will come on all of SLU's campuses
  • All SLU students and SLU employees of all categories are warmly welcome to this workshop regardless of background, personal experiences and level of expertise
  • We reserve the right to ensure that the number of participants is reasonably evenly distributed between different categories
  • Registration page will be published later
  • People from outside SLU are unfortunately not welcome on this occasion and will be removed from the registration list. We will perhaps arrange occasions when people from outside SLU are welcome. If you are interested in participating in such a workshop, please email SLU Future Food.

Before the workshop


SLU Future Food is a platform for research and collaboration to develop knowledge, solutions and innovations aimed at ensuring that the entire food system is characterized by economic, ecological and social sustainability to overcome tomorrow's challenges. The research addresses both plants and animals, from the smallest molecules to global systems.

Meat the Four Futures is a project where we want to reduce the state of polarisation around livestock production and meat consumption, by communicating the evidence, engaging different perspectives in a podcast series (available where there are podcasts), developing a quiz, providing a discussion forum and leading discussions on four contrasting future scenarios: 1) intensive animal production, 2) alternative 'meat', 2) less but 'better' meat and 4) a plant-based future.