17 Mar


Fair Gold? A political ecology enquiry into the certified gold supply chain

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Division of Rural Development invites you to a seminar with Muriel Côte, Associate Senior Lecturer at the Human Geography Department of Lund University.

There is an increasing demand for ”fair minerals” worldwide–though not evenly across the world. This has translated in the multiplication of nonstate organisations in the last ten years, working towards the institutionalisation of extractive labour and environmental standards. However, the extent to which these standards are similarly
considered “fair” throughout extractive supply chains, is far from clear.

In this talk I will unpack this problem building on political ecology and global value chains literatures. I will propose, and hope to generate a discussion around, a way to open it up empirically through the case of a gold certification scheme taking place in Burkina Faso and Colombia.

MURIEL CÔTE is Associate Senior Lecturer at the Human Geography Department of Lund University. She is currently principal investigator of two research projects relating to global extractive dynamics: a Swiss National Foundation project called “Frontier settlement: Territories of artisan mining labour in Africa” and a FORMAS-funded project called “Fair gold: Institutionalising labour and environmental standards along the certified gold supply chain”. Her research focuses on the politics of resource extraction and conservation that she understands to be at the core of uneven development dynamics. She situates her work within political ecology, and takes an ethnographic approach to her research.

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Time: 2021-03-17 13:00 - 14:30
Location: ZOOM LINK
Organiser: Division of Rural Development
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This talk is part of the higher seminar series in Rural Development, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

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