Petri dishes with bacterial culture. Photo.
24 Mar

Audhumbla, Uppsala

CANCELLED! Animal welfare, health, antibiotic resistance and sustainability

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Food produced from animals with poor welfare pose a serious threat to human health. The purpose of the symposium is to increase awareness and knowledge of the One Health concept and to show that animal welfare is closely linked to the use of antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance and thus human health.

Animal welfare and animal health affect the use of antibiotics in food production and thus the development of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Animals that live under poor conditions become stressed and can suffer from and spread infectious diseases. The use of antibiotics increases and the risk of antibiotic resistance arises.

The Nordic and Baltic Animal Welfare Centers (NordCAW) want to be a strong voice for animal welfare and work to reduce the use of antibiotics in food production. We work in the “One Health perspective” with the aim of protecting the health and well-being of animals, people and the environment.

With the symposium, NordCAW wants to share and disseminate knowledge about the consequences for poor animal welfare and health for the development of AMR as well as sharing good examples of how to reduce the use of antibiotics.

When: Mars 24 2020,  10.30-17.30

Where: Audhumbla, VHC, Ultuna, Uppsala, Sweden




Time: 2020-03-24 -
City: Uppsala
Location: Audhumbla
Organiser: NordCAW
Last signup date: 17 March 2020
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