26 Feb

MVM 2034, Framtiden, Uppsala

Open lunch lecture: Four futures for the Swedish energy system

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Bring your own lunch to this open lecture given by Tobias Walla from Energimyndigheten. The lecture is taking place in Ultuna but will also be streamed via video link.

The lecture will explore how to imagine the energy system of the future, using explorative scenarios. The scenario study “Four futures, the Swedish energy system beyond 2020” was a very unusual product for the Swedish Energy Agency when it was developed around 4-5 years ago, as it started from the consumers and the society rather than from different energy mixes. It was an attempt to broaden the energy debate and sketch an overall, holistic perspective on the fast-changing energy landscape.

Tobias Walla has a MSc in Energy Systems Engineering (sv. civilingenjör) from SLU and Uppsala University. He is since 2012 a programme manager at the Research & Innovation Department at the Swedish Energy Agency. Tobias is also Vice Chair of communication and outreach at the IEA PVPS (an international group for exchange of knowledge in the solar photovoltaic area). Tobias gets inspired by working with cross-sectoral innovations and he also likes to describe future trends and then adopt them into concrete scenarios. Right now, Tobias leads a project on developing a “sector strategy” for a robust and flexible energy system 2030.

Everyone is welcome!

This lecture is part of the joint project Futures Lab by SLU Urban Futures and SLU Future FoodRead more about the Futures Lab. 


Time: 2020-02-26 12:00 - 13:00
City: Uppsala
Location: MVM 2034, Framtiden
Organiser: Futures Lab
Additional info:

The lecture is open for anyone interested, but is mainly aimed at SLU students and staff.

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