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Sitting exams at SLU

Last changed: 15 March 2023

On this page, you will find information for students on sitting exams at SLU. As of the 2019 autumn semester, it is mandatory to register for exams in Ladok Student. You must also bring a valid ID on the day to be allowed to sit an exam.

Register and deregister for exams

As of the autumn semester 2019, registration is mandatory for all exams. You must register at least 10 working days before the exam date.

  • You register for exams in Ladok Student.
  • If you need to deregister, you can do this in Ladok Student during the registration period. If you need to deregister after the registration period has ended, email the department/administrator in charge of each course.

Register in time for the exam

From the spring semester 2022, both SLU Uppsala and SLU Alnarp will strictly follow the rule in the Education Planning and Administration Handbook that students must register for the exam no later than 10 weekdays before the day of writing.

Late registrations will not be accepted. If you have failed to register for the exam in time, you must wait until the next date.

ID check and admittance to the examination hall

To gain access to the exam room, you need to be registered and prove your identity with a valid ID document. The ID should be placed on your table and be left there during the exam.

If you are not on the list of registered students, you will not be allowed to enter the examination hall. If you believe you have registered for the exam, it is your responsibility to prove, via Ladok or other written information,that you registered before the deadline.

Late arrival

If you arrive late, you may still be able to sit the exam. This only applies if you arrive within 30 minutes of the start time for the exam and provided you are on the list of registered students. If this is the case, wait outside the examination hall and do not knock on the door. An invigilator will let you in and give you the necessary information at the latest 30 minutes after the start time. Late arrival does not mean that you get extra time at the other end.

If you arrive more than 30 minutes after the starting time, you will instead need to register for the first retake opportunity.

Anonymity codes

Anonymity codes are used at all written examinations at SLU. Codes can have different formats depending on which department is organising the exam. If you, when you register for an exam in Ladok, receive a code with your confirmation you must note this down and bring it with you to the exam.

If you do not receive a code when you register, you will be assigned a code when you arrive at the examination hall.


The exam services team arranges invigilators, books exam rooms, handles exam papers and is responsible for procedures related to exam papers.

If you have any questions about registering for exams, special needs, handing out of exam papers or retakes, first contact your course coordinator or a course administrator at your department.

Medical equipment

If you need to bring electronic medical equipment to the exam, email the exam services team (contact information provided below), describing the type of equipment. Also give your contact details.

Adapted assessment

You may be eligible for study support for students with disabilities. This requires a recommendation from the study support coordinator.

Such support may include extended time, using a computer with speech synthesis and a spell checker, taking the exam in a smaller group or having the exam divided into two parts which you take on different occasions.

If you have been granted study support for students with disabilities and want to apply for adapted assessment, contact the course coordinator or the course administrator – preferably at the start of the semester, but no later than 15 days before the exam. The examiner decides what arrangements are possible.

Once you have a decision, you must notify the exam services team at least 15 working days before the exam date. You do this by following the instructions and using the link in your Ladok Student exam registration.

NB. Please note that after submitting the form requesting adapted assessment, you must return to Ladok to complete your registration. This is to secure a place.

Suspected cheating and plagiarism

SLU works actively to combat cheating and plagiarism. SLU can take disciplinary measures against students who have cheated or committed any of the offences listed in Chapter 10 of the Higher Education Ordinance.

Exam results and hand-out

Exam results will be made available no later than 15 working days after the exam date (exceptions may occur). You will be informed of the place and time when exams will be handed out. Remember to bring a valid ID.

Returning marked examinations in Alnarp will take place via email.

Change or reconsideration of a grading decision

If a grading decision is clearly wrong (writing or calculation error), or if a student questions the decision, the student should instead request a copy of their exam. A request for a grading decision to be reconsidered should be done in writing.

On the day of the exam

  • Make sure you arrive well in time before the exam starts. There will be an ID check before you enter the room.
  • Should you arrive after the starting time, please wait outside the room without knocking. An invigilator will let you in and give you the necessary information at the latest 30 minutes after the starting time. Late arrival does not mean that you get extra time at the other end.
  • If you arrive more than 30 minutes after the starting time, you will instead need to register for the first resit opportunity.
  • Make a note of your student code before you hand in your exam paper, you will need this when the results are posted. If you do not remember your code, you will find out what your result is when the exam papers are handed out.