New student - information about student IT account

Last changed: 09 January 2018

How to activate your SLU computer account.

Students without a Swedish civic registration number

If you do not have a Swedish personal ID number, you will need to visit IT-support  to activate your account.  Please have your ID documents and admission decision with you.

You can pick up your IT account by the earliest by mid-August.

Students with a Swedish civic registration number

Once you have received your second admission decision, you can activate your account at SLU. By the earliest in mid-August.

Click on new account to activate your user account. You will be redirected to, where you can activate your SLU account using your login details for

Before you get an account, you should read the regulations that apply to the use of IT resources and accept them by placing a cross in the box.

If you have any problems with this, please contact IT support at your site. Please have your ID documents and admission decision with you.

Access to printers

To be able to use the printers at SLU you must have an account at PayEx and connect it to your student account at SLU.

If you wish to get started fast, visit this page!

Click here if you wish to read more about the printing system.

Introduction to the computer environment

The IT department offers new students a brief introduction to the computer environment. The presentation is aimed at new students who wish to gain an understanding of how the computer environment works at SLU. We will talk about user accounts, the student portal, e-mail, user folders on the file server, access to computer labs, the printing system, access to the student network and how to connect to the network from home.

Time and place for the presentation will be announced when the new semester starts.

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