New student - information about student IT account

Last changed: 26 April 2024

To use SLU's IT-based services, such as logging into the student portal, computer rooms, WiFi, e-mail, and printouts, a student account is needed. Here you will find information on how to access your student account at SLU.

As a new student at SLU you can access your account after you have been admitted and transfered to the study documentation system Ladok. You can therefore activate your student account no earlier than the last week of July for the autumn semester and no earlier than the last week of December for the spring semester.

If you submit a late application then it will be processed based on its time of arrival resulting in a varying admission date. 

Once the transfer has taken place, there is a delay of at least one hour before the account is created and you can confirm your account.

Students without a Swedish civic registration number

If you do not have a Swedish personal ID number you can use eduID when activating your SLU account.

If you do not have an eduID account you will need to contact the IT-Servicedesk to activate your account. You can do this in person at one of our main campuses, or you can call our IT-Servicedesk and arrange to do the activation via videolink.  In both cases, please have your ID documents and admission decision with you, ready to present.

Students with a Swedish civic registration number

Once you have received your second admission decision, you can activate your account at SLU. By the earliest in mid-August.

Click on new account to activate your user account. 

Before you get an account, you should read the regulations that apply to the use of IT resources and accept them by placing a cross in the box.

If you have any problems with this, please contact IT support at your site. Please have your ID documents and admission decision with you.

How long do you have access to your student account?

The student account is deactivated two years after your last registered course has ended.

Your data folder in SLU's file storage system is deleted one year after graduation. A good piece of advice is therefore that if you have data saved there that you want to have access to after your degree, you should save it on your own data storage media.

If you do not take the degree, your data will be deleted after a year has passed without study results being registered in Ladok.

Access to printers

If you wish to get started fast, visit this page!

Click here if you wish to read more about the printing system.


SLU IT-Servicedesk


Tel: 018-67 66 00

(+46-18-67 66 00 when calling from outside Sweden)

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